United Percussion alumna, Amanda Hampton, went across the world this summer to share her love of music and education with other students. Thanks to generous donations by United Percussion and Vic Firth, she brought new drum sticks and Buffalo drums to Salima, Malawi. Malawi is a country located in the southern region of Africa and, as one of the poorest countries in the world, has very little resources. While in Salima, Hampton and a team of five others from the United States worked with Cornerstone Ministries, which operates a high school and an after school program for grades 4 through 7. While there, a lesson was given on how to use the Buffalo drums as hand drums. There was a focus on the exploration of different timbres that one can create with not only Buffalo drums, but any type of percussion equipment. Students drummed together to local songs and had their own drum circles. Some students even rapped while others created backbeats. Check out the gallery below to see Hampton pictured with CCHS principal, Chikondi Chabakha, along with a pair of drum sticks donated by Vic Firth compared to a pair of sticks a local Salima drummer had been using for weeks prior.

Amanda teamed UP with Cornerstone Ministries. They are providing an opportunity for local students to improve their studies and encouraging them to continue their studies beyond the primary and secondary levels. Few students in Malawi have the chance to go to college due to funds and the extreme difficulty of progressing through the Malawian education system, but Cornerstone is doing everything in their power to show those students that anything is possible when you work hard, believe in yourself, and follow your passions. These are beliefs shared by United Percussion as well in our mission. Please consider supporting Cornerstone by going to the website https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/cornerstone.

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