Can I delete my customer account?

No. It isn’t possible to delete customer accounts at this time. If you'd like to use a different log-in, please register a new username.

How do I change my email address or password?

Customers needing to update their email address should create a new account. Customers can use the Forgot password? link in the Sign In window to reset their password. It isn’t possible for us to change a customer’s email address or password on their behalf.

Can i save a PayPal account as a payment method?

No. You can only save credit card information and billing addresses.

Can I use Apple Pay while logged in as a payment method?

Since Apple Pay is built for a quick checkout experience, customers can’t log into their account during an Apple Pay checkout. If you're already logged in, you can complete checkout normally.

Can i check out without an account?

Yes, signing into an account at checkout is optional. Customers without accounts can check out as a guest.

Will orders made while logged out appear in my account?

Orders placed while logged out won’t be included in your account order history.

I forgot my password. how do i change it?

We're unable to change your password for you, but after clicking the Sign In link, you can click Forgot password? to send yourself a password reset email. This link expires after 24 hours.