Why give to United?

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United is a youth based, Non-profit 501(c)(3). Any donation is 100% tax deductible. But before you give, please know that more than anything else, we understand the challenges in today's new economy. Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to continue with our mission. However, we remain a vibrant organization because of the generosity of our volunteers and donors. We are united in our mission to aid in the expansion of the social, intellectual, artistic and musical talents of our members. We believe this to be a valuable experience and ask that you give because of this mission.  

United is not "just" a percussion performance ensemble. Year after year we teach our membership more by producing programs that involve important political, social and life issues. We have used music and percussion to tackle such issues as race, war, faith, and fear. While we teach our members to strive for musical and performance excellence, we also encourage them to learn lessons and take a stand on important life issues.

Our members have not only gone on to become great musical performers but also teachers, educators, directors, managers, programmers and psychologists. We are also proud to teach and practice diversity in our staff and membership.   

Unfortunately the cost to pursue this mission continues to rise. Instruments, facility rental, transportation and insurance all make up the majority of the organization's yearly budget.

Please help us to continue our mission and continue to serve our youth. Thank you.  

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