Going into 2019, I think it’s safe to say that we are incredibly pleased to announce these members as a part of our family. The preparation coming into auditions was phenomenal, and we expect our 2019 program to be no different.
— Michelle Solla, Director

United was able to host two very successful audition days in September and October. Over 100 potential members came from many different areas to participate in the process. After the evaluation, United Percussion is proud to present it's 2019 cast.


 * Veteran member

Snare Drum

Chase Parks*

Brian Spencer

Elliot Mattson*

Mike Keller Jr.

Jack Arnold*

Mathew Soriano

Chris Jackson

Matthew Aquino

Jake Breitfeller*



Jimmy Toohey*

Anthony D'Andrea*

Zach Tarman

Nathan Clelland


Bass Drum

Luke Arabia*

Stephen McCarrick*

Ethan Turner

Ryan Powell

Garrett Allgaier



Kathleen Ballard*

Samantha Braverman*

Rachel Orth*

Michelle Sapp

Nick Kataryniak


Front Ensemble

Ben Roberts*

Zachary McClane*

Andy Pham*

Dan Furman-Huelster 

Aly Galanti*

Lornaa Morales

Raman Dhingra

Jackie Javier*

Melissa Nova*

Spencer Sanders

Shanna Echeverry

Alia Rabaia*

Sam Darrow

Jessica Hourani

Adeyemi Ogunkanmi 

Kamryn Furlow


We want to wish congratulations to those who were awarded a spot, and also want to commend everyone who was a part of the audition process. Look for more exciting news and announcements as we start the 2019 season, including our inaugural United Percussion 2 Cast.