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Saying that we had our best turnout ever for auditions sounds cliché, but it’s completely representative of what happened the past few weeks. The level of talent but more importantly - preparation was quite incredible and inspiring.
— Chad Moore, Director
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United was able to host two very successful audition days in September and October. Over 100 potential members came from many different areas, and even countries to participate in the process. After the evaluation, United Percussion is proud to present it's 2018 cast.



 * Veteran member

Snare Drum

Connor Horwath*

Chase Parks*

Tom Heider*

Lexy Mattson*

Charles Cuautli*

Jack Arnold

Jake Breitfeller

Matthew Aquino



Jimmy Toohey*

Anthony D'Andrea

Kyle Larsen

Yanick Raymond

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Bass Drum

Stephen McCarrick*

Aaron Alcine*

Luke Arabia

Francisco Cabrera*

Stosh Rodgers

John Phillips Sousa



Rachel Orth*

Mike Sasson*

Kathleen Ballard*

Katharine Godfrey*

Sam Braverman

Bryan Tsang

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Front Ensemble

Jeancarlo Rodriguez*

Justus Wilson*

Tim Golden*

Garrett Davis

Ben Roberts*

Mike O'Leary

Jesse Valencia

Bennett Stump*

Zachary McClane*

Josh Burpo

Alyx Galanti*

Andy Pham

Alia Rabaia

Sean McWilliams*

Nate Gittelman

Alex Pavek*

Tyler Wooter

Joe Callahan

Jackie Javier

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We want to wish congratulations to those who were awarded a spot, and also want to commend everyone who was a part of the audition process. Look for more exciting news and announcements as we start the 2018 season.