All we need, all we need is hope
And for that we have each other
And for that we have each other
We will rise
— Andra Day, "Rise Up"

Behind the scenes on Tuesday, July 19th, United was contacted to have the opportunity to perform with Andra at the Democratic National Convention. Quickly mobilizing and planning logistics was a priority quickly put into place by Chad Moore, Director.

"We had about 24 hours to actually confirm that this was a go" said Chad. "From there, we were directed to provide a master recording of the marching percussion track by the end of Friday, the 22nd. A few of our members came to the studio that day to record and we also were able to secure all of the member commitments. We got our itinerary on Sunday, and it was confirmed very quickly."

United's performance was initially going to be on Wednesday night, but was switched to Tuesday, resulting in even less time for the members to be ready. Despite the short time frame, United rose to the occasion.

To say that this was an incredible experience for the performers and our fans is insufficient. We couldn't have been treated more excellently, and also couldn't have been more proud of our membership. Special thanks go out to our staff and members, our sponsors, Bob Bowling Audio, the DNC, Andra and her team, and everyone who watched us live online and on TV.

Stay tuned for another special announcement tomorrow centered around #UP17. You won't want to miss it.