On Sunday, September 23rd, we completed our largest 1st auditions to date for our organization! Over 100 incredibly talented musicians ready to work hard and continue the United Percussion legacy joined us at Sterling High School in New Jersey to kick off the 2019 season. If you haven’t heard, we have also started a 2nd competitive group in the A Class to bring the United experience to more potential members. We’re happy to say that the enthusiasm and membership talent far surpassed our expectations.

We currently will have members from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and beyond who will travel countless hours to learn from our top notch instructional staffs and be part of two United Percussion groups this year. It’s exciting to watch the expansion and we’re really fortunate to be able to have the support of our partners, fans and alumni.

Our second audition date is scheduled for next weekend, October 7th, and we’d like to encourage anyone who is interested in being a member or checking things out to stop by.

Stay tuned for more information from us as we embark on our 17th and most thrilling season yet!