This is Joe's first year with the United Percussion snare line. Joe comes to us from Rutgers University where he studies IT and Computer Science and participates in the Rutgers Drumline. He first became involved with the marching activity at South Brunswick High School where he played saxophone, while aspiring to play drums. His senior year, South Brunswick fielded an Indoor Percussion Ensemble where Joe was finally able to play bass drum. Since graduating, Joe has continued to teach at South Brunswick and help the program where he first started.


Most of Joe’s free time is spent programing or reading about programming, but you can occasionally find him cycling, playing soccer, or golfing.


Here are some words of wisdom from Joe’s first year with United:


The biggest thing I've learned is how to approach adversity and problems. I learned that it's all about your mentality when dealing with something difficult or trying, and if you approach it with a bad attitude and poor mentality you will have a harder time than if you were confident and more headstrong in attacking the problem.


Don't be afraid to fail and don't shrink/hide. In doing that you're only inhibiting the staff's ability to help you. Also, when trying something new, approach with the confidence that you would have if you knew it already.