Thank you for your support and love over the years. I was especially proud to see so many UP Alumni at the WGI Unionville Regional, #WGIUnionville, this past weekend. It is incredible to see so many of you teaching and shaping performers all across the region. It really means a lot. 

As you know, United is performing a very emotionally sensitive program this year. With that, I wanted you to know that when the members are in costume they are silent and reflective. They don't openly talk or speak to anyone. This is entirely member driven and even applies to the Staff. They are 110% committed to telling this story and this is part of their tribute to the Cherokee Nation. Please don't think they are being rude or dismissive, they are not. We should all be proud of how serious they take this story.  

I just wanted to provide that context to anyone who saw us and to anyone who may be coming to see us in the future. Don't worry, we always set aside time for them to change out of uniform (and persona) to spend time with their friends and family.  :) Thanks again for your understanding.