Hello All, 

I hope all of you are doing well. I know I've seen some of you at shows this year and hope to see some of you at Dayton Championships. I am writing to request your financial assistance with the next leg of our season.  That being the road the Dayton Championships.  Our membership would greatly appreciate any assistance that can be offered.  Whether its a $20 donation, a walmart gift card or the sponsoring of gas or a meal.  Anything and everything is appreciated.  It will cost United over $18,000 for this year's trip.  We are trying to provide the kids the best experience possible and we all know....that takes money.  

The bus ride alone is over $8000; Rehearsal time is $3000; Gas for the trailer is $1000; Tractor rental, driver and insurance are $2000; Rooms are $5600 and we havent even eaten yet.  

You can easily make a donation online by clicking here or going to unitedpercussion.org/donate

Every little bit helps and we need your assistance.  We are trying to raise $2000 by the time we leave.  We are asking that all online donations be made by April 7, 2015.  If you would like to donate in person, we can accept that at anytime up until April 6th.