We're extremely excited to show you the drums that United Percussion will be playing on this season. Our partners at Pearl are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the debut of Championship Series Marching Percussion; commemorating this remarkable milestone with a revamp in weight, aesthetic, and functionality of the battery series that transformed the marching percussion activity years ago. 

In pageantry, every detail counts, and the new Championship Series gives the player every advantage possible with lighter weight, improved function, and no loss in the supreme quality of sound for which Pearl’s Championship battery is famous.

New for 2015, the FFX Snare Drum now features Pearl’s new OneTouch Snare Release. By removing the strainer’s unnecessary components, the drum is over 2lbs lighter than its predecessor and, in conjunction with Pearl’s CX Airframe carriers, allows for swifter movement and less fatigue than ever before. 

Pearl’s Championship Tenors have been upgraded with a new tom spacer, allowing for tighter configurations and less play between the drums in respect to drum angles, twisting, and vibration without sacrificing sound quality, tone, or projection.

Outfitted with a sleek new badge, the next age of marching percussion has arrived!

Check out where you can see these beautiful drums for yourself here. We thank the Pearl Corporation and are excited to showcase the best in marching percussion!