If you want to march Indoor and Outdoor....United is a great place for you.  YES you can do both DCI and WGI at United. In fact, we welcome it.  We all admire and recognize the greatness of the drumcorps activity.....well Did you know that United has members, staff and alumni in 11 of the top 12 DCI corps?  6 of the top 7 DCA corps? Did you know that United has sent countless numbers of members to the very best drumcorps in the world?  Did you know that almost all of United's Staff marched UP and drumcorps at the same time?  In fact, most of the current world class indoor educators in this area all have one thing in common.  UNITED.  

United has taught, developed and advanced some of the very best drumming talent in the game. We have the educators and proven track record to get you where you want to go.   Dont miss your chance to be a part of something great.  Join now. #UP15