As we head into our first WGI performance we wanted to release a little more information about the thoughts behind the show.  One of the things we really enjoy at UP, is the creation of the set and design of the floor.  We love working with our graphic designer on trying to bring concepts to imagery.  

Below is a picture of the floor we will be using in this years program.  If it looks "non-rectangular" it is because it is.  It is a collage of mirrors.  Each mirror is captured a little differently in terms of scale, shape and color gradient.  Representing the many different types of people that look into them.  (Audience and membership).   

Watermarked into the floor is a silhouette of a "Fearless" person that looks back at all those who look upon it. Like the drums, it plays on the idea of not being afraid of what you see when you look in the mirror.  

 While there are many other layers to the set and the floor, we thought we'd share this one. Hope you enjoy it.  #Fearless