With auditions a couple weeks away, we would like to answer a couple of the most commonly asked questions: 

(1) Can I can come to obtain audition experience? - Yes.  Alot of people want to know if they have what it takes to compete at the World Class level.  Well the only way to find out is to audition.  We understand that and encourage all skill levels to attend.  No matter the outcome, you get world class instruction; you will get to meet some of the best drummers in our area; and you will get a chance to evaluate what you need to do in order to improve as a performer.  Most importantly, you will have a great time.  

 (2) What spots are open for auditions?  All spots are open.  We field as talent dictates but generally use 5 Marimbas, 5 Vibes,  Pedal Glock, Xylophone, Drumset, Timpani, Bass Guitar, Guitar, 3 Synths, 3 Audio/Visual, specialists, 2 Racks, Visual Ensemble/Actors, 8-10 Snares, 5 Tenors, 5 Bass Drums, 5-8 Marching Cymbals and Voice.  

(3) Does United work with Drumcorps and Schools?  Yes.  United members regularly march Drumcorps and United.  There has never been a season where we haven't had kids in both.  Watch any DCI or DCA top twelve video and you will see several UP members and or Alums.  

Most United members also attend school at the same time and perform exceptionally well in their studies.  Part of being world class is the ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once.  We encourage you to speak with with any of alums to see how to best manage the experience.  

UP 2012 WGI Finals

UP 2012 WGI Finals