Audrey first came to United Percussion in 2009 when she was only fifteen. Fast forward seven seasons and she's aging out as our center marimba. Audrey has been a part of United for longer than most staff, instruments, or rehearsal facilities and has grown in countless ways over the years. She has mastered “Rule #9: Figure It Out” in every sense of the phrase and wouldn’t ever let an obstacle stand in the way of her or rehearsal. Audrey puts every ounce of energy into each note and motivates the entire ensemble through her passion and dedication.

In addition to United, Audrey has marched at Rancocas Valley High School, Raiders Drum Corps, and taught various high schools in the tai-state area. Outside of United Audrey can be found cleaning houses, training animals, being a personal stylist, or writing music.

Here’s what Audrey has to say about joining United:

I chose UP originally because it was close and I had no idea what on earth was going on. But I continue to stay at United because I have never had a more stable home, a more accepting family base, or more fun than what I have here. UP is the largest family anyone could ask for, we are so quick to accept people from all different places and backgrounds, we will throw you into the mix, you will be family whether you like it or not. Without United I would have had no sense of home or stability in my life. I personally have gone through quite a few trials in my life, some trials took place at United, but in the end United always helped me work through my problems. It didn't completely fix my problems, no. It did me one better. It gave me the tools necessary to solve problems on my own, with confidence, strength and as always, a GIANT family backing me up no matter the outcome. How could I choose any other place, when I know exactly where "home" is?

Interested in auditioning for United? Here are Audrey’s words of wisdom:

You can jump higher than the hurdles that pop up in front of you, and if you can't we will show you how. Because that's what United is. We won't stop you from falling, but we will teach you how to fly.