Pearl Championship Series Marching Tenor Set


Pearl Championship Series Marching Tenor Set

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Product number PEA-PMTM60234N/A-46. Brand new. Midnight Black. Quint 6-10-12-13-14.

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Pearl’s Championship Series Marching Toms feature 6-ply 100% Maple shells that deliver deep tonality and extra projection.

2.3mm Steel SuperHoop II rims are anchored in place by high strength 6mm case-hardened tension bolts. Lightweight Aluminum lug casings provide extreme strength and evenly disperse head pressure when aggressively tuned.

Championship Tom shells feature a 2-ply 100% Maple reinforcement ring that adds tremendous strength to the 6-ply Maple shell. This allows maximum shell resonance while providing structural integrity as the tuning goes up.

All sets include 40mm Aluminum spacers between drums for even weight dispersion and playable positioning for improved playability.

Championship Series Tom Set Features:

  • 6-ply 100% Maple shells
  • Extra deep shells with Sonic Cut
  • Rounded bearing edges eliminate unwanted overtones
  • 2.3mm SuperHoop II increase strength and durability
  • Redesigned aluminum alloy tension casings substantially reduced weight
  • 8 tension casings on the 12″ and 13″ (instead of 6) for improved tuning accuracy
  • 6mm case hardened tension bolts permit the highest tension
  • 40mm tom spacers allows “close-in” positioning for improved playing ergonomics

These are for the drums only.  NO harness/backbar or stand are included.  You can purchase those items separately.