"You are everywhere"

United Percussion 2017 presents Sir Isaac's Wonder. Inspired by Newton's discovery of gravity, and brought to life with the music of Philip Glass, Blake Tyson, Pat Metheny, and the slam poetry of Ben Norris, Sir Isaac's Wonder is an exploration of the many aspects of the force that keeps us grounded, yet inspires us to aim for the sky. The weight we need in order to defy.  


“It's working against me”

United Percussion will perform throughout the Northeast, as well as compete at the WGI Dayton Regional, the WGI East Power Regional, and the 2017 WGI Percussion World Championships. For information about performances and the full schedule, visit http://www.unitedpercussion.org/calendar

United Percussion was founded in 2003, and is dedicated to the development of young performers of all ages through the visual and performing arts. Under the direction of Chad Moore Esq., United is a 3 time Winter Guard International medalist and a 14 time WGI World Championships Finalist.

"It makes the sky a place to aim for."